I was going through the diet tag looking for recipes/ideas for primal foods, but most of the posts were diets of eating nothing other than grapes, or water, or nothing at all. And I was deeply saddened. 

As a teenage girl I feel that I should put my voice out there. And this is a bit of a disclaimer for myself. So if you have a daughter, son, sister, brother, cousin, anyone, struggling with weight or size please let them know this. Your size or weight or whatever, does not define your beauty. You are beautiful. If you want to lose weight to be happier, healthier, more efficient, then all the better for you. But don’t stop eating, that will make things worse for you. Dopamine (happy chemical) isn’t released nearly as much when your brain is food deprived. Your body will literally begin to eat itself. You will be weak and faint and no where near the happiness people seem to expect in these posts. You being able to wrap your hand around your thigh should not affect how happy you are. I saw many pictures of girls with legs that didn’t look any bigger than their bones. I saw many posts asking for people to check to make sure that they’re starving themselves. There were posts about goal weights of 90 pounds for a 5’8” girl. That girl would be so thin that her organs would be crumpled up, she would have very poor blood flow, she would barley have the strength to stand. And this made me so sad. That people passively destroy their bodies in the hopes of a perfect one.

Disclaimer about myself* - I am 5’7” my goal weight is 170lbs. This is around average weight for my training and muscle goals. If I get taller, my weight will probably increase too. My goal with this is to be the most efficient, happy, healthy, strong, human that I can be. In this blog I will probably talk about experimenting with fasting. And I do mean experiment. I would be testing my limits in deprivation and running purely on stored fat. Which is different than not eating at all. I put myself in a good spot and am purely studying how my own body works. Yes, I limit my portions. I do this so that I don’t eat like I’m training for the olympics every day. I still eat like I want. With the exception of sugars and such. And I support all those who want to be healthy and strong, even if you just want to be thin, please be a healthy thin. The world around you will be much brighter that way.


The main components of health are, sleep, diet, and exercise.

Diet is probably not the most important factor but it really matters. "You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet."  Now, diet doesn’t mean only eating apples for a month and hoping, it means eating habits. So what I’m going to go for is a mostly primal/paleo type diet which limits sugar, carbs, gluten, and processed foods. This will take experimentation in what my body is more tolerant of. In addition I will be reducing portions in general so that I am not calorie overloading.

To explain the first part of my diet I’ll start with the reasonably self explanatory processed foods. They contain a lot of chemicals that mess with hormones, gut bacteria, and are generally not good for you. But many people are confused by cutting out carbs. We need them to live right? Well, yes that’s right, but humans don’t need to get them from grain or sugar. We can obtain the necessary sugars from plants and meat. This limits the amount of sugar and allows the body to function at a completely natural and normal, energy creation rate from burning mostly fat and a little sugar, opposed to the flip side which is equally normal, burning mostly sugar and a little fat. Now for gluten. A lot of people are sensitive to gluten. I am quite sensitive and I can tell from the fact that my acne has resurfaces since I put more gluten into my diet. I generally feel better being mostly gluten free and I am eager to go back to that.

Portion control. This seems to most people like an over obsessive teenager, but that’s not quite the case. I eat as much if not more than I did when I was in season and working out more. I am not burning near as many calories and that has become a bad mix. I don’t have the metabolism of a seventeen year old boy, so unfortunately I can’t eat like I have a hollow leg that has to be filled with food. Hopefully slight portion control will help me to get into a calorie balance.   


I do these the night before so that I don’t try to trick myself out of doing it. 

45- min swim

  • 200 IM - 200 free - 200 IM warm up
  • Countdown Breath holders starting at 3
  • 50 free
  • 50 back
  • Countdown Breath holders staring at 2
  • 50 free
  • 50 breast
  • Countdown Breath holders starting at 1
  • 50 free 
  • 50 fly
  • 2 Breath holders
  • 50 free

Weight workout (3 sets of 10 reps)

  • 3 shoulder position 
  • Bicep curls
  • Posterior raises
  • Tricep kickbacks

Core workout

  • Pushups (4 sets of 5)
  • Sit ups (4 sets of 15)
  • Knee raises (4 sets of 10)
  • Plank (4 sets of 00:45)
  • V sit (4 sets of 01:00)

Alright, here is my first post mainly as a timestamp, but also as a clarification. This is mostly for myself to track progress, but if anyone wants to join me for this trip, be my guest!

So a little bit about me: As of now I am way overweight and trying to change that. I will weigh myself in the morning to find how far I am from the total goal weight of 170lbs. I’m 5’7”. I will be joining the Naval Sea Cadets soon which is a large part of why I want to do this. But the main reason is that I’m not healthy and I need to fix that. I will function better as a human in the progression of the program that I’m customizing for myself. It will probably take a few years to reach my goals for weight and strength. And well, that seems like a lot. So I’ll be using this blog to keep myself in check, and to track how things are going.

If you are going to use this blog for tips or inspiration, I’d like to credit my dad for most of the information, since I am in fact only fourteen. And a girl. Which brings me to point out that how I workout or eat may not be right for you, so experiment. Try things out and see how they work for you. Everyone is built differently, so act that way.

This is not the beginning entirely of me working out, so my workouts are probably not the best for people just starting. Or for those who are more advanced. But if need be one can lower or raise the weights, times, or reps.

That’s pretty much it for clarification on the blog. My ask is open for questions, I may not get to them immediately, but I will get there soon.